Natural Mud Mask 3in1 500 gram

The natural mud mask adds more beauty and purity on face, body and hair. It also has high capability in cleaning and protecting the scalp.
This mixture is coming from merging the dead sea mud with fantastic natural smells.

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Mud mask with Argan Oil 3in1 500 gram

The Argan mask has effective power In avoiding the body and face wrinkles, and it strengthen the hair locks.
This well mixture between Argan Oil and dead sea mud protects, smooths, softens and stretches.

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Mud Mask with honey 3in1 350 gram.

The honey mask is called the sign of softening, it adds comfort, purity and relaxing to all body.

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Facial Mud Mask with fruits 250 gram

Fruit mask is wanted from many many clients, because it consists of brilliant mixture of fruits with the dead sea mud. This mixture cleans, relaxes and softens body, face, and hair.

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Mud Mask with AloVera 3in1 150 gram.

Alovera is famous in curing the skin from infections and ulcers, since it is considered antioxidant.
This mixture smooth, relax and softens the body.

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Mud mask with Jojoba oil 3in1 150 gram.

Jojoba mud mask is named by magician mask, which strongly protect the skin and hair from dryness. Indeed of its role to maintain the skin smooth and breathed.

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Mud Mask with AvoCado 3in1 150 gram

Avocado mud mask protects the skin from oxidation, as it is natural antioxidant with vitamin B & C. This mask is named the strong shield of wrinkles.

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Facial Mask Reach with Natural Herbs & Oil 50 gram

The Dead Sea is unique in that it offers therapeutic warm water AND natural beauty. Our Revitalizing Mud Mask is a natural recipe rich in the beneficial Dead Sea minerals derived from the Dead Sea (Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, and Magnesium Bromide). Natural Argan Oil and other essential oils are also blended. This mask, when applied on the face and neck till it dries. Removes dead skin cells, revives skin pores, and promotes healing, You’ll experience its antioxidant effects and notice a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Results are noticeable even after just one use! Try it! Experience fresh, clean, super smooth skin today!

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