Who we are?

We are Jordanian firm, who has long experience in beauty industry and all related products for hair, body and face.
Our products are constructed from useful mineral elements. In other hand, we produce integrated services in beauty industry for the main parts of it (hair, body, face) So we do improvement system to audit ourselves regularly, and in parallel with our products which include wide range of new products like dead sea ingredients.
We have been from the pioneers of supplying the main ingredients of dead sea products industry, since we present international manufacturers in this business.



Depending on high quality level of products and suitability for all ages categories.


- Developing ourselves through hard working to hit our objectives.
- Producing the best products in quality and price to compete locally and internationally.
- Spotting light on products technically to learn the clients how to choose the suitable type for them.

For who does not know what is the dead sea ...

Dead Sea is located in Jordan, and considered the lowest sea level altitude in the world.
We, in Jordan, are responsible to look after Dead Sea water and beaches and invest its valuable minerals correctly, since we have the richest source in the world.
These minerals mainly are sodium, potassium, magnesium and bromine, indeed of other effective elements. Also, Dead Sea has great characteristics like clean sun shine and saturated air oxygen.
Dead Sea mud and salt has been known from thousands of years in curing skin diseases, rheumatic and other diseases. Indeed of its power to maintain the nerves strong.
Black Mud and Salt are considered the main contents of all Dead Sea products; Mud Mask, soaps. Bath salt, creams, shampoos and scrubs.